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  • Economical and Cost effective
  • Cooling provision for Mill body and Bearing Housing.
  • Hopper Magnet provided inside to detect and catch-up Metallic part fromgranules/polymers.
  • German Grade Alloy Material used for Grinding Discs.
  • Easy adjustments of Disc Gap
  • Uniform &Smooth powder / particle size
  • Safety Interlock System
  • Monitoring of Main Motor load and control system
  • Optional Dust Collector
  • Optional Hopper loader to load the polymers in hopper automatically
  • Optional Chiller provided for water cooling system.
  • Uniform &Smooth powder / particle size


Model No.Disc Size (mm)Main Motor Power (In HP)LLDPE (Roto Grade)Output(In KG/HR)RPVC Output(In KG/HR)Floor Space (In MM)
IRP-PLV-10040030 H.P.90- 120KG/ HR100- 135KG/ HR2500X1500X3300
IRP-PLV-15040040 H.P.130- 150KG/ HR140- 160KG/ HR2700X1600X3600
IRP-PLV-20045050 H.P.180- 200KG/ HR190- 210KG/ HR2900X1600X3800
IRP-PLV-25050060 H.P.225- 250KG/ HR235- 265KG/ HR2900X1600X3800
IRP-PLV-TM-30050075 H.P.275- 300KG/ HR285- 310KG/ HR4200X1600X3800
IRP-PLV-TM-400600100 H.P.350- 360KG/ HR360- 370KG/ HR4500X1600X3800


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