A reputable maker of extruder machines is India Roto Plast. To help you with your compounding tasks, we provide turnkey solutions. This covers features like handling materials, dosing, extruding, pelletizing, and others. You will be able to solve your compounding system applications using our experience.

With the option to select and use various shaped moulds, an extruder machine is used to crush raw materials and manufacture objects in various shapes, among other things. Such a device is also known as an extruder, and the products it produces are known as extrudates.

Compounding / Colouring Extruder Machine Manufacturer Extruder Machine Manufacture Extruder Machine Manufacture

Our extruder machine has a straightforward design, is simple to operate, is multifunctional, is highly automated, and has good functions. This extruder machine facilitates mass manufacturing without sacrificing quality. Only an effective system that keeps track of the final product’s homogeneity and quality makes this feasible.

Basically, there are two types of our extrusion machines: single screw and double screw. A basic processing controller is present in the former, whereas a complicated processing controller is present in the later.

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