Four Arm Bi-Axial

The three arm bi axial machine is extended with four arms at our moulding station for delivering excellence and quality in the production cycles. It helps with complete flexibility, loading and unloading time, fuel efficiency, etc. These types of machines are best for producing a large amount of quantity in a fewer amount of time. The best choice for large manufacturing units and companies.


  • Advanced machine with latest technology.
  • High production can be achieved with low fuel consumption.
  • Oven wall insulated with cera wool material.
  • Heavy duty oven made by ms sheet for longer life and good strength.
  • Optional hydraulic lift to reach material on top of oven for multi layer charging results in fast processing.
  • Specially design oven to avoid heat loss and save cycle timing.
  • High cfm blower provided to maintain uniform thickness of article.
  • Pneumatic cylindres for tight closing of doors avoid heat loss.
  • User friendly electrical control panel with plc (optional) system.
  • Turret automatically locked at the time of processing to avoid accident.
  • Heavy duty arms can bear weight in tons.
  • Auto mould positioning provided to identify mould position.
  • Imported double stage energy efficient burner provided for fast heating with low fuel consumption.