Is your company producing colossal water storage tanks? Are you looking for quality rotomoulding machines for making the production process both easy and swift? Well, we will get you introduced to the most renowned rotational moulding machine manufacturer from India, India Roto Plast. The company is producing different heavy material machines that are significant for manufacturing industries.  

Rotomoulding Machines used widely for moulding plastic items

  • Fixed Arm Bi-Axial 

A single or fixed arm bi-axial machine has one arm for managing the production process. Do not go by its size, because it is one of the most efficient machines for delivering heavy production at low cost. 


Fixed Arm Bi-Axial Machine at India Roto Plast

Also, the machine-made at India Roto Plast is quite sturdy that requires minimum maintenance. We would recommend you go for a fixed arm bi axial machine when you want to achieve massive production at low cost.

  • Two Arm Bi-Axial

Are you looking for high volume delivery in the short span? Well, India Roto Plast’s two arm bi-axial machine is an extremely sturdy two arm machine for producing huge output. Also, because the brand is a renowned rotational moulding machine manufacturer, it requires zero or no maintenance in the long span.

  • Three Arm Bi-Axial

Well, every machine has it its USP. The best part of buying a three-arm bi-axial rotomoulding machines is that the manufacturing company can create unique and complex sizes with similar production cycles—an ideal machine for reducing production costs and expenditure.  

  • Four Arm Bi-Axial

Again, the production cycle here is massive comparing to the other machines used for producing the complex and unique sizes. The best part of using the four-arm bi-axial machine is to increase production and lower the cost of producing unit. In short, it is highly recommended for the large manufacturing units.

Why India Roto Plast is an ideal Rotational Moulding Machine Manufacturer Company?

India Roto Plast has been manufacturing the heavy unit machines for about a decade and more. The brand is producing sturdy manufacturing machines and requires less maintenance. The USP of our company is to provide excellent production efficiency to the manufacturing companies with our extraordinary machines and units. We are based out at Ahmedabad, India. Our rotomoulding machines are famous across the globe as we are a leading exporter of fixed arm bi axial, two-arm bi axial and shuttle machines. 

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