Water tank manufacturing industries are looking for the best plastic water tank mould manufacturers in India for building different sizes and shapes of water tanks. India Roto Plast is a rapidly growing rotational moulding machine manufacturing company in India. We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of rotational moulding machine, roto mould, and ancillary equipment like pulveriser, extruder, scrap grinder, mixer, and table cutter.

We have different rotational mould machinery for developing different types of plastic water tank moulds. 

  • Bi-Axial Machine including fixed arm bi-axial, single arm bi-axial, two arm bi-axial, shuttle machine, four arm bi-axial, etc. 
  • Open flame rock and roll machine
  • Closed oven rock and roll machine 

Choosing Water Tank Mould Manufacturers becomes easy with India Roto Plast as we deal in different types of manufacturing mould process with the help of different machines. We have already mentioned the type of machines that we utilize for producing water tank moulds. Here is the individual description of each machine. 

Open Flame Rock N Roll Machine

Open Flame Rock 'N' Roll machine

  • Low production and low budget machine.
  • Medium cost and lowest maintenance machine.
  • Open machine with mechanical rocking system.
  • Suitable to make water tank and big hollow article products.
  • Being open fire machine heat loses and results in high gas Consumption
  • Specially design for large & hollow products like underground Tanks, septic tanks, horizontal tank, road barrier, slides & mobile Toilet.
  • High production cost compares to bi-axial machine.

An open flame rock and roll machine is one of the best water tank plastic mould manufacturer machines for producing large and hollow water tanks. It is indeed a budget friendly machine with low maintenance requirement. 

Closed Oven Rock N Roll Machine

Close Oven Rock 'N' Roll Machine

  • Octagonal oven design for better performance.
  • Optimally designed oven results in low gas consumption.
  • Double door oven prevents accidents.
  • Specially developed Auto ignition burner system to avoid an accident and save time.
  • Oven rocking and door open/close with hydraulic system.
  • 5 Nu reduction gear box provided on back side in centre of oven for rolling of the moulds.
  • 125lt Oil Tank provided for hydraulic power pack operation.
  • Just 3 Kg gas consumes per cycle.
  • Maximum 36000liter Production can be achieved in 10 working hours with exceptionally low fuel consumption.
  • Requires minimum or zero maintenance
  • On both doors of oven 3 windows provided for material feeding directly from outside of the oven.
  • User friendly and easy operational machine.
  • Optional PLC system for fully automatic.
  • Heavy screw fixes on the front side in the centre of the oven.
  • Medium production machine with low budget.
  • Possible to make multiple articles at a time.
  • Easy to make multi-layer tanks, suitable for large manufacturing units

A closed oven rock n roll machine has its multiple benefits. For your medium production requirement, it is the optimum plastic water tank mould manufacturer machine. 

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Summing Up

India Roto Plast is a leading plastic water tank mould manufacturer in India. We help with different types of rotational moulding machines to suit your budget requirements and production needs. Inquire more by logging on to our official website.